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Where Home Becomes the Sum of All Life’s Best Choices

In order to provide for a genuinely personal experience, the Trilinq comes with three very enticing lifestyle zones which will definitely complement your own approach to living. Equally compelling is the distinct design language since C is full of contemporary lines which have also been blended with a couple of green touches. For a person who has been used to making the right decisions, this is a choice that simply sprouts up naturally.


Three Distincitive Lifestyle Experiences that might Interest you

The Trilinq features 3 unique blocks with each having its own integral activity zone. This has been a part of the design so as to cater to the different preferences and lifestyles of residents. Definitely, each and every occupant of the Trilinq requires ample space for them and their family. Of course, personal tastes and preferences will have a huge part to play in the selection of an activity zone of your choice. The main zones are:

– Vantage
– Oasis
– Activa

All these offer you with a varied set of options to enjoy, but at the same time also retain a cohesive theme that you will instantly identify with the Trilinq. The view that comes with this huge development is definitely the crowning jewel at the top of such an accomplishment.

The latest development comprise of 2 towers of 36 storeys high, 1 tower of 33 storeys high with clubhouse facilities, an approximately 755 units which offer a clear view towards Sungei Ulu Pandan as well as the Pandan Reservoir.


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